Self Improvement Series by Agung Gunawan in Indoneesian Language

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The book of Happiness is a note on meaning and how to achieve Happiness. You will be invited to enter the human world that has always wanted to be happy, but often does not know the way to get it. The philosophy and steps delivered within this text you can make a handle to style and liver for a happy life. Among them about the meaning of happiness, think great to be happy, passionate life, dare to risk, as well as don't forget to thank your achievements. Have and read this book for your happier life!

Have you ever thought that the good leader was influential, not the rule? Yes, Book of Leadership will show you that. This book indicates that leadership is very important to everyone. By looking at that aspect too, you need to have the ability to identify the potential leadership within you. In other words, the book can open your understanding that anyone is able to be leader. In addition, this book will also add to your knowledge of what leader and who, the elements and obstacles of a leader, leader's obligation, know the type and nature of leader, as well as more. Have it and read it immediately, yes!

Thought great is a successful person's distinguishing factor and people still see dead ends. Their fates are different because their minds and actions are also different. Therefore, never be afraid to think big. In the Book of Think Big, you will be given an explanation that great thinking is one of the road achieve success. Read this book and find tips cope with failure, how to build confidence, successful tips using flair, make strategy also a great plan, minimize failure, as well as how to manage good time. Let's practice the easy step once you have this book!

The book of Succes is a book that diskusses what you can do to obtain success in life. There are many ways you can mile to achieve success. In this book will be diskussed regarding what success is to secrets to achieve success. The ideas presented by the Great of the Munawan in this book are expected to help transform your future profit and help you to become a winner. Good luck reading and practicing successful tips in this book.

The book of Habit is a book that diskusses how so you can obtain positive life refraction in living daily life. The Great of the Gunawan conveys the ideas about "Habit" or life habits in an interesting way. This book does not intend to show your mistakes, but try to invite you to understand the negative behavior and how to obtain positive habits. Besides, you can also learn about how psychology underlines your bad habits.
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