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Self-Acceptance 88LOVELIFE

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What is that one thing in your life you find so difficult to accept? We all share some pain in our lives and truthfully, us humans connect through struggle the most. When we were having our #88LOVELIFE media lunch last month, a journalist came up to me and shared her own self-acceptance story. She then cried, I cried too. “I know how you feel, I really do”, I told her. And we hugged for a minute. .
Through this book, I really hope we can comfort each other, knowing that we all have different battles and that whatever these battles are, we are not alone. We all are fighting, just in different ways. Let’s drop that mask we wear on a daily basis and just be honest about our worries, anxieties and sadness once in a while. Raw is good. I hope this book can be your best friend. 💖 @88LOVELIFE - @dianarikasari
Grab your copy of Self-Acceptance by 88LOVELIFE for only RM55😍.
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