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Revive Your Heart - written by Nouman Ali Khan

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Revive Your Heart – written by Nouman Ali Khan – is an indispensable book, offering guidance that is both bold and heartfelt to modern Muslims navigating their way through a life that is ever more destabilising.
Nouman Ali Khan is one of the world’s most recognisable Muslims. At home in America, educated in the West and spiritually trained in the East, he is uniquely able to connect with modern Muslims; understanding the challenges they face, internally and externally, on a daily basis in the 21stcentury, from the rise of the alternative right to the complexities of family life.
This book is the result of his experiences – at home, in his community, and as a teacher – that combine to show us how to fulfil our faith, build healthy communities, purify our finances and respond to the rise of terrorism in the name of Islam.The vital point that runs through the book however, is more holistic: how to orientate ourselves so that we may find peace, and preserve through the difficult times that lie ahead.A path that, properly navigated, will revive a heart, transform a life and lead to success in both this life and the hereafter

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