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Rediscovering You Series by Mizi Wahid : The Art of Letting God / Call Upon Him / You Are Loved ( Soft Cover )

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IMAN is proud to reveal the new, fresh look for Mizi Wahid bestselling books!

With a new, fresh look, but with the same great content that has moved many hearts. The new softcover version keeps this important content affordable in this time of need.

We believe that in this current situation, you might need to be reminded that you are loved, that you need to be there for yourself too. For a while, we’ve been in a state of devastation. Our heart has been broken by so many challenges.

There is no amendment on the content, there's just a little twist on the cover and layout. Books are available for purchase soon.

Rediscovering You Series by Mizi Wahid:

1. The Art of Letting God : RM 30.00

2. Call Upon Him : RM 30.00

3. You Are Loved : RM 30.00

May you find what are you looking for in The Art of Letting God, Call Upon Him & You Are Loved by @miziwahid.

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